Race Against Dementia

Race Against Dementia supports early career researchers and raises funds to accelerate global research and development in the race to find a prevention or treatment for dementia.

Race Against Dementia was established by Sir Jackie Stewart OBE following his wife Helen’s diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia. Sir Jackie was horrified to discover that there is currently no cure for dementia, which devastates the lives of so many families.

Over 55 million people worldwide now live with dementia. The crisis cannot continue and we proudly support the excellent work that RAD is pioneering on a daily basis.

John Clark OBE, Group Chairman and trustee of RAD, has said, “Dementia is growing, it is not standing still and our ageing population is fuelling and accelerating its growth which, is why the work being done by Race Against Dementia is so very important and their work is already seeing results.

As a father and a grandfather, I cannot imagine a life without memories and no longer having the ability to make a decision. My heartfelt thoughts go out to every person who suffers today and I am humbled by those amazing people who are there to care with love and support. I am proud to be associated and continue my support for Race Against Dementia and their incredible work."